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Tuesday, January 27

Winter Boots

So yesterday I was at drama practice, we're doing the play Charlotte's Web this year, and one of the girls there was wearing winter boots. That is my new pet peeve, there is NO snow inside so why wear big winter boots?? They are so LOUD and clunk all over the place.... its embarrassing even if I'm not the one wearing the boots! It drives me insane!! I wanted to yell at her! and we were on stage yet to so it was EVEN louder!
This person is an adult yet too shes 18 or 19. You'd think she would feel embarrassed if all you could hear was her boots, I know I would try to do as little walking as possible. I don't understand why she needed boots in the first place, she got a ride right to the door of the school. I can see if she had to walk to school why she'd wear boots because it was -40 with the wind chill, REALLY cold, but if your getting a ride?!?! Even if I had worn boots I would have brought a back-up pair of shoes!! I wore thin cloth ballet flats and my feet weren't even cold and I had to drive in my freezing cold van!
Then this morning when I got to school she was wearing them AGAIN!! I was like do you own ANY shoes. Sorry for my rantings but her boots were driving me crazy, especially when they were clomping around on stage! That's when I really noticed them.....