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Saturday, July 18


so I haven't done this in a while.
Now I may have appeared to drop off the edge off the world for a while... I hadn't = (
lol I was busy! working babysitting working working no time for fun.
lol actually a little time for fun but not much.
AAAAAAAAAANYWHO, this looks very un-formal... kinda like my life right now. Grad was awesome now i need to work and do stuff lame i know but someone has to!
Through my rollercoaster of obsessions there are 2 that are a constant... my music and my pictures... so here we go:

first my ipod

With 1763 songs
and 59 videos on it its a must have when going anywhere!
I have everything from Mozart to Madonna, Faith Hill to... i don't know
I have every kind of music on there though!

and I don't have a picture of my camera so I'll show you pictures that I've recently taken with it!

listening to my ipod lol you can see the haedphones