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Wednesday, March 18

happy belated St Patty's day!!

Yesterday was St. Patric's day. Sorry I missed it. I was going to wright an entry but I got to busy. I'm working on LOTS of things for school... Yesterday we got our grad hoodies and mine fit!! lol I just guessed on the size so I guess the luck of the Irish was with me! I hope everyone else had a good day!I got the cover for the yearbook done... I'll see if it fits in here and people can tell me what they think... if anybody reads this. LOL
It doesn't work......... its an InDesign I don't know, maybe if i formatted it into a picture you can't! It looks pretty cool though anyway!
Now I'm working on the Charlotte's Web poster for the upcoming Drama.
Drama practice is LOTS of fun... last time we practiced... I think it was on sunday... ALL the lights went out in EVERYWHERE all of Altona, Gretna, Horndeen EVERYWHERE!! lol
We were in the middle of practice and we were like OH NO whats going on. Then we saw that all of Altona was dark, and there were lots of cars leaving then we were like, this is like a horror film. So it was funny we were going over a whole bunch of horror film scenarios it was TONS of fun!! I still don't know why the power went out but we'll prolly find out in the Echo lol they have nothing better to write about!