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Monday, February 23

Acquire the Fire

So on the weekend.... not this weekend last weekend..... like Valentines weekend I went to ACQUIRE THE FIRE. It was amazing! Just like last year. I loved the drama, the videos, the praise and worship, the concert, it was AMAZING!! I thought the skit was better last year but this years skit was AMAZING....they even sang a Hanna Montana song in it. lol It was her song "i miss you" or something like that. Its a really good song. The theme this year was "Make some Trouble". It was really good. It was at the Minneapolis Convention center, that place is awesome. the sessions were: The trouble with Parents, The Trouble with Living the Letter (or the bible), and trouble with the opposite Sex. It was SOOOOOOO GOOD.

We got up at 4:30 we got to the church at 5:30and left at 6...... we drove to the Emerson border and waited there for 40 min and then sat in the bus with a short break in there for lunch.... it took us 8 hours to get there tons of fun... lol 100 and some teenagers came from our group so it was CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY i loved it though... it took me FOREVERE to post this!!! SORRY! If anyone wants to hear more about it... just ask lol.