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well... I love photography, I laugh easily and a lot, I like talking and I'm going to try to write in here at least once a week.

Monday, April 27


First I'll write my rant then I'll put the pics in kind of in the order I mention them.

People express themselves in many way (Leticia said your eyebrows are an important part of your expressions) I personally you my BIG mouth to express myself... not always a good thing but that's what I do... but you can use almost anything music, dance, art, notes and even your clothing to express the way you think or feel.

my big mouth

My brother Eric doing a little jig before the bus comes (joyful probably)

(I didn't take this picture or make this but I like it and 3/4 isn't bad)

And this is Leticia, my "model" sister. lol showing off her fashion styling, thats how she expresses herself, with her clothes. ( Ashley doesn't really express herself so she is not featured in this blog)

Monday, April 20

The saturday scavenger hunt

So thanks to Laura B. I get to pick the word for Saturday!! Since I love expressing my self and I'd love to see how others express themselves I've picked the word expression.


SO today is Monday and I need to figure out what I'm going to do today. There is youth and Special Olympics. Now my friend has been asking me to come volunteer at Special O for ... 2 maybe 3 weeks and I haven't gone to Youth since... December, that is 3 and a half months (I think)but that doesn't matter. I really love Special O and I really miss youth. So what should I pick, now that dramas gone I got issues... lol so much free time so little to do. I think I need another new hobby or two... but I don't know what to do... what I could do... Maybe I'll take up running. lol "Fun" and "useful" lol I know my dog would LOVE it... I don't think I would, though I should. lol. I all ready read... maybe I should just read... that gets not fun fast though. I read a couple books super fast then can't read for a while. I need something that wont bore me after a month of doing it. I should REALLY try to learn a new language I've tried it before and I was doing good, then I just stopped trying and... well I think most people know how that ends. lol No new language for me. =( Its so hard if you don't have someone to speak it with or to encourage you to use your new found skill. I love Spanish, the language of LoooooVE. lol Well, what other hobbies could I have... maybe I'll start with the language and then add on as I get good, but I really should get a job... I have an interview... that's kind of exciting lets just hope I get it! Then I'd be a cashier... yay! Then me and Ashley can be rivals! lol Anyway... I need to make up my mind and decide what I'm going to do! =) Buenos nochos ... lol dias that means day right?? lol good night and day?? lol I did say I needed to brush up on my Spanish... lol or relearn it.

Saturday, April 18


I'm going to keep this short and sweet.
I miss my FRESH fruit off my trees! ( and I can't wait until they grow again!)
Anywho.. I know the second picture of the choke cherries is blurry... sorry
I got to go act in the play now though so I am in a hurry...
I can't even remember if the word is FRESH but I think it is...

Friday, April 17


I AM SOOOOOO TIRED! This week is the play week... lol so we're up late every night and that awful stage makeup!! ewww. lol I'm going to be one HUGE pimple face by the time this is over! Plays are so much fun! This year we are doing the play Charlotte's Web and even though it sounds childish its actually really funny and amusing to the adults to. We've heard nothing but good reports! I'm Mrs. Arable aka Ferns mom. So I have a pretty good sized part. I have the worst stage fright ever and feel really awkward when I'm on stage (It was worse last year)but people say they couldn't tell at all. lol So that is a good thing I guess, now that the plays almost done and we've done four shows, its getting easier to do. I have LOTS of pictures to put up so... look for those behind the scene photos!! lol Coming to a blog near you. More Later!

Tuesday, April 7

Ryan Leslie

Today I was looking at videos on youtube. I saw a video to congratulate fred on 1,000,000 subscribers to his channel and so I looked to see if Fred actually had 1,000,000 subscribers... he doesn't... and so i looked at people who had subscribed to him, and saw this hotish guy so I went to see if he had any videos, and he only had on and it had no noise because he couldn't find his camera then I saw RyanLeslieTV and so I went to his channel and I was listening to his videos and I saw this one:

and I love the song lollipop so I listened and I think its AWESOME and he made it up on the spot and I think I'm going to have to see if I can listen to this DJ on line some where; DJ Green Lantern and the show is called The Invasion
and remember Ryan Leslie says:

"Keep in mind, I take my hat off to the true improvisational players out there. I've been around the world and seen some amazing piano/keyboard players. In fact - I've even hired a few of them to play with me at live shows or in sessions.

I taught myself to play by ear, and I was thankful I figured out the chords in time to get an arpeggio going. I posted this video to show that no matter your talent level - it's always important to give your all. People will respond as long as it's sincere."

I like him!!

Monday, April 6


Well unlike past weeks I didn't need a dictionary for this weeks Scavenger hunt word! I didn't even have to look far for my inspiration. lol I love my cats... one day my family was going to go to a family get together at my aunts house so I went to check on my cats and when I go to the back I see this:

This is my kitten. lol He is almost one and allreay picking up bad habits! So this made me realize my cats have an easy life. they get fed in bed and can sleep as much as they want... oo the life of a cat. I have some funny pictures of Theo for you.

lol like I said, he has got some bad habits but I love him any way. ( this was set up but he attacked me when I tried to take it away. lol it wasn't even open... my dad's had that beer for a while though, so I'm not sure if its even good.)

Spring break

Hello all!
So I know I haven't written for a while..... and I have an excuse... it was spring break. I know "but Jessica that means you had more time to write and upload all sorts of interesting stuff!" lol well for those of you who still have not caught on I have a boring life and so that creates nothing interesting to write about. lol
I'll tell you about my spring break ... make sure your comfortable, because you may fall asleep... now where shall I start? I guess I'll start on Monday because thats when something sort of interesting happened. OK...

ON Monday:
I went to Grand Forks and I bought lots of clothes and i got the Twilight movie and I got the third book, Eclipse, it was LOTS of fun. I realized one thing though.... US money sucks. I hate all those 1 dollar bills... SOOOOOOOOOO annoying, but we had fun. the day after the road to and from Grand Forks from Canada was closed due to flooding... so thankfully we made it!

On Tuseday I worked in the morning and I..... don't know what I did in the afternoon. Probably just watched TV ... It was snowing... yay! NOT! I'm so sick of the snow and slush and puddles and mud.

I worked from 8 am - 5pm we set up a gazebo in Co-op and I learned how to use a talxon it was fun. Samantha and I also made a house plan if we would ever buy that building... it was interesting and fun. In the evening I babysat for Lisa... the kids are all sick YAY!!

On Thursday I working in the morning again and then Jessica came over and we played Balderdash, thats a super fun game. Its basically a whole bunch of weird NEVER used english words that you write definitions for. LOTS of fun. lol I learn lots of interesting things from that game.

Well on Friday I didn't really do anything... I started reading Eclipse by Stephinie Meyers.... SOOOO GOOD!! lol I love Jacob... Edwards awesome too lol but Jake makes me smile... like REALLY smile lol WAY more then Edward dose... its SOOO GOOD! a MUST READ for all book maybe not all some people would find it VERY weird due to the fact that there are Vampires and Werewolves so.... lol if you not into that.. give it a try, keep an open mind, and remember most books start slow.. it might pick up and you'll love it!

I went bowling for my cousin Jessica's sweet 16. lol Lots of fun. we did theme bowling. For those of you that don't know what that is, you pick a style/ way of bowling and then everyone does it that way for a round. like granny bowling or backwards..... or bumper bowling or lying down.... lol and yes we had bumpers. our second game was seriouse but we still had the lowest scores of all the lanes. lol It was A LOT of fun though!

Church and.... nothing else... oooo I had drama practice. That was fun.. ish. I love drama but I can't wait until it is over! lol we all still had our lines memorized after 8 days of no practice so I think we'll do great. I can't wait!

That is pretty much my spring break. I was banned from the computer so I could do fun family activities. Once again I'm sorry for not writing ... lol no one missed it but still..... lol