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Monday, April 6

Spring break

Hello all!
So I know I haven't written for a while..... and I have an excuse... it was spring break. I know "but Jessica that means you had more time to write and upload all sorts of interesting stuff!" lol well for those of you who still have not caught on I have a boring life and so that creates nothing interesting to write about. lol
I'll tell you about my spring break ... make sure your comfortable, because you may fall asleep... now where shall I start? I guess I'll start on Monday because thats when something sort of interesting happened. OK...

ON Monday:
I went to Grand Forks and I bought lots of clothes and i got the Twilight movie and I got the third book, Eclipse, it was LOTS of fun. I realized one thing though.... US money sucks. I hate all those 1 dollar bills... SOOOOOOOOOO annoying, but we had fun. the day after the road to and from Grand Forks from Canada was closed due to flooding... so thankfully we made it!

On Tuseday I worked in the morning and I..... don't know what I did in the afternoon. Probably just watched TV ... It was snowing... yay! NOT! I'm so sick of the snow and slush and puddles and mud.

I worked from 8 am - 5pm we set up a gazebo in Co-op and I learned how to use a talxon it was fun. Samantha and I also made a house plan if we would ever buy that building... it was interesting and fun. In the evening I babysat for Lisa... the kids are all sick YAY!!

On Thursday I working in the morning again and then Jessica came over and we played Balderdash, thats a super fun game. Its basically a whole bunch of weird NEVER used english words that you write definitions for. LOTS of fun. lol I learn lots of interesting things from that game.

Well on Friday I didn't really do anything... I started reading Eclipse by Stephinie Meyers.... SOOOO GOOD!! lol I love Jacob... Edwards awesome too lol but Jake makes me smile... like REALLY smile lol WAY more then Edward dose... its SOOO GOOD! a MUST READ for all book maybe not all some people would find it VERY weird due to the fact that there are Vampires and Werewolves so.... lol if you not into that.. give it a try, keep an open mind, and remember most books start slow.. it might pick up and you'll love it!

I went bowling for my cousin Jessica's sweet 16. lol Lots of fun. we did theme bowling. For those of you that don't know what that is, you pick a style/ way of bowling and then everyone does it that way for a round. like granny bowling or backwards..... or bumper bowling or lying down.... lol and yes we had bumpers. our second game was seriouse but we still had the lowest scores of all the lanes. lol It was A LOT of fun though!

Church and.... nothing else... oooo I had drama practice. That was fun.. ish. I love drama but I can't wait until it is over! lol we all still had our lines memorized after 8 days of no practice so I think we'll do great. I can't wait!

That is pretty much my spring break. I was banned from the computer so I could do fun family activities. Once again I'm sorry for not writing ... lol no one missed it but still..... lol

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