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Monday, April 6


Well unlike past weeks I didn't need a dictionary for this weeks Scavenger hunt word! I didn't even have to look far for my inspiration. lol I love my cats... one day my family was going to go to a family get together at my aunts house so I went to check on my cats and when I go to the back I see this:

This is my kitten. lol He is almost one and allreay picking up bad habits! So this made me realize my cats have an easy life. they get fed in bed and can sleep as much as they want... oo the life of a cat. I have some funny pictures of Theo for you.

lol like I said, he has got some bad habits but I love him any way. ( this was set up but he attacked me when I tried to take it away. lol it wasn't even open... my dad's had that beer for a while though, so I'm not sure if its even good.)

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  1. haha! That is one easygoing cat :-) What a life.


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