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well... I love photography, I laugh easily and a lot, I like talking and I'm going to try to write in here at least once a week.

Wednesday, January 28


This morning I was the only one at home so i decided to take a bath! It was AMAZING!! I had forgotten how good they felt. lol It was soo relaxing! I felt like a little girl again lol playing mermaid in the tub. though this time i didn't pretend i was a mermaid. I did try and see who long I could hold my breath. I made it to 20 seconds. I was in there for an hour and i kept hearing noises out side the bathroom. I thought my Dog would have eaten all the muffins my mom made but when i got out everything was fine. I'm convinced my house is haunted!

I don't think I believe in ghosts though. When I watch those ghost shows sometimes I'm like "that HAS to be a ghost, theres no other way!" but I don't realy think ghosts exist. lol Sometimes though I think i see ghosts, maybe its because I'm stressed... I don't know but when it happens I just close my eyes REALLY tight. lol SO I guess I do , deep inside me, believe in ghosts.... Thats weird... I don't think I should publish this one.....