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Monday, February 23

Acquire the Fire

So on the weekend.... not this weekend last weekend..... like Valentines weekend I went to ACQUIRE THE FIRE. It was amazing! Just like last year. I loved the drama, the videos, the praise and worship, the concert, it was AMAZING!! I thought the skit was better last year but this years skit was AMAZING....they even sang a Hanna Montana song in it. lol It was her song "i miss you" or something like that. Its a really good song. The theme this year was "Make some Trouble". It was really good. It was at the Minneapolis Convention center, that place is awesome. the sessions were: The trouble with Parents, The Trouble with Living the Letter (or the bible), and trouble with the opposite Sex. It was SOOOOOOO GOOD.

We got up at 4:30 we got to the church at 5:30and left at 6...... we drove to the Emerson border and waited there for 40 min and then sat in the bus with a short break in there for lunch.... it took us 8 hours to get there tons of fun... lol 100 and some teenagers came from our group so it was CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY i loved it though... it took me FOREVERE to post this!!! SORRY! If anyone wants to hear more about it... just ask lol.

Wednesday, February 4

Tee Shirts

So Mandy Sent me the picture of our club.... The stress club... aka TEAM STRESS BALLS.

So now I just need to find a way to put it on here! She made it look all awesome and everything! I think we should put it on a tee-shirt. Then we'd feel like a real club!! lol
We'll see...... if any one else is super stressed and wants to join our club you can...

HEY!! I figured it out! it was easy all you needed to do was press the pic button beside the spell check!! Now I feel stupid!oooooo well.
so thats us, me, then Mandy, then Drew.
see the anger in us.... lol
I mean stress......
thats right... and everyone can join!!
Just leave a comment and if you know why your stressed you can write that too.
I know not many people actually read my blog but what ever its fun anywho!

Monday, February 2

Second Semester

So today second semester starts! Yay!
I went through all of last year saying that that was my hard semester but now that its second semester I've realized that this semester is just as hard as last. = ( Last Semester I had: English Comp, Pre Calculus, and Biology then I had the afternoon off. This semester I have consumer, Calculus, health(and when its done my consumer will move to this period and I'll have a spare first thing), lunch, spare, and Yearbook. Yearbook will be my only fun class and most of the time its lots of work... maybe thats because last year almost all I did was play games and listen to music and check my email but still.... this year it might be less work. Consumer should be easy because I'm good at math (I got 92% on my provincial standard pre cal exam), and suposedly he doesn't teach much lol. I should get a high mark in that class... basicly I only have math this semester. So it sucks but it will be easy.
Its starting to sink in that this is my last semester of school and then I have to go work and stuff now. Its scary, everyones like what are you going to do when your done?, what do you want to be? what school are you going to? I have no idea so its kind of intimadating. I think I'm just going to work a year then go to school for photography and graphic design. We'll see I guess but i think that would be a fun and sutable career for me =D I love people and I love pictures, I'm good with cameras and computers and I think it would be AWESOME. Soon I'll put pictures on here so you can judge my abilities for yourself but most people think that they are really nice pictures.