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Wednesday, February 4

Tee Shirts

So Mandy Sent me the picture of our club.... The stress club... aka TEAM STRESS BALLS.

So now I just need to find a way to put it on here! She made it look all awesome and everything! I think we should put it on a tee-shirt. Then we'd feel like a real club!! lol
We'll see...... if any one else is super stressed and wants to join our club you can...

HEY!! I figured it out! it was easy all you needed to do was press the pic button beside the spell check!! Now I feel stupid!oooooo well.
so thats us, me, then Mandy, then Drew.
see the anger in us.... lol
I mean stress......
thats right... and everyone can join!!
Just leave a comment and if you know why your stressed you can write that too.
I know not many people actually read my blog but what ever its fun anywho!

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  1. we are soooo cool. we definately rock like crazy. best club ever made!!!


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