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Tuesday, June 23


So graduation is soon and guess who got the privilege of making the program cover... that's right yours truly(me)! I'll put a copy up here:

I can't wait until friday the closer it gets the more exciting it is! I got grad presents too!
From my parents I got : plates, cups, cutlery, and a microwave. Thank you for trying to tell me to move out nicely = P
From my aunts uncles and Grandma and Grandpa (the Weibe side) I got a 3 piece luggage set (its SUPER nice)and my grandma knit me a blanket too, I love you guys... I don't know if I'll get anything from the other side but we'll see... we haven't had a grad party for that side and I don't know if we will. They aren't into parties and presents and stuff. I love you too though! From Co-op I got $100 nice bonus Thanks. ( It pays my straightener lol) I still haven't decided what to get myself, I think a trip to Edmonton at Christmas would be a nice gift... but we'll see, don't give away the surprise though I want to be AMAZED! lol I love west Edmonton mall its awesome! Leticia, Ashley and I want to go there for a week over Christmas break and go swimming and to the theme park and stay at a hotel and since I'll be 18 I can get a hotel room with out my parents!! YAY! lol That's part of the reason we are waiting until Christmas! I can't wait! I hope we do actually go though and that this isn't just a dead plan to get us through half a year...= )