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well... I love photography, I laugh easily and a lot, I like talking and I'm going to try to write in here at least once a week.

Thursday, June 4


I am planing something truly awesome for the scavenger hunt. Sign! hehehe! hahaha! lol! ummm yeah I'm laughing. (insert laugh here). Yesterday was Toms final day on earth. Poor kitty didn't even know what was coming. I wonder what went through his mind in the final seconds... was it OH MY GOSH there is a bullet flying at me! or Now I can finally get away from those pesky dogs I hate so much. Did he see Molly waiting for him? Did he feel any pain? That is the main thing... as long as it didn't hurt. I miss him but I know it was for the better. NOW Theo on the other hand... my parents gave him away when I was working and they didn't even let me say goodbye or see who they were giving him to! Those people! lol I miss him too but in a way I'm glad we no longer have cats. Though if we get mice I'm going to go buy another one! mice are worse then cats!