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Friday, April 17


I AM SOOOOOO TIRED! This week is the play week... lol so we're up late every night and that awful stage makeup!! ewww. lol I'm going to be one HUGE pimple face by the time this is over! Plays are so much fun! This year we are doing the play Charlotte's Web and even though it sounds childish its actually really funny and amusing to the adults to. We've heard nothing but good reports! I'm Mrs. Arable aka Ferns mom. So I have a pretty good sized part. I have the worst stage fright ever and feel really awkward when I'm on stage (It was worse last year)but people say they couldn't tell at all. lol So that is a good thing I guess, now that the plays almost done and we've done four shows, its getting easier to do. I have LOTS of pictures to put up so... look for those behind the scene photos!! lol Coming to a blog near you. More Later!