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well... I love photography, I laugh easily and a lot, I like talking and I'm going to try to write in here at least once a week.

Wednesday, January 28


This morning I was the only one at home so i decided to take a bath! It was AMAZING!! I had forgotten how good they felt. lol It was soo relaxing! I felt like a little girl again lol playing mermaid in the tub. though this time i didn't pretend i was a mermaid. I did try and see who long I could hold my breath. I made it to 20 seconds. I was in there for an hour and i kept hearing noises out side the bathroom. I thought my Dog would have eaten all the muffins my mom made but when i got out everything was fine. I'm convinced my house is haunted!

I don't think I believe in ghosts though. When I watch those ghost shows sometimes I'm like "that HAS to be a ghost, theres no other way!" but I don't realy think ghosts exist. lol Sometimes though I think i see ghosts, maybe its because I'm stressed... I don't know but when it happens I just close my eyes REALLY tight. lol SO I guess I do , deep inside me, believe in ghosts.... Thats weird... I don't think I should publish this one.....


Tuesday, January 27

Winter Boots

So yesterday I was at drama practice, we're doing the play Charlotte's Web this year, and one of the girls there was wearing winter boots. That is my new pet peeve, there is NO snow inside so why wear big winter boots?? They are so LOUD and clunk all over the place.... its embarrassing even if I'm not the one wearing the boots! It drives me insane!! I wanted to yell at her! and we were on stage yet to so it was EVEN louder!
This person is an adult yet too shes 18 or 19. You'd think she would feel embarrassed if all you could hear was her boots, I know I would try to do as little walking as possible. I don't understand why she needed boots in the first place, she got a ride right to the door of the school. I can see if she had to walk to school why she'd wear boots because it was -40 with the wind chill, REALLY cold, but if your getting a ride?!?! Even if I had worn boots I would have brought a back-up pair of shoes!! I wore thin cloth ballet flats and my feet weren't even cold and I had to drive in my freezing cold van!
Then this morning when I got to school she was wearing them AGAIN!! I was like do you own ANY shoes. Sorry for my rantings but her boots were driving me crazy, especially when they were clomping around on stage! That's when I really noticed them.....

Monday, January 26

My first entry!!

Hello to everyone who will read this..... and to everyone that doesn't... your probably not missing much.
I guess I'll just start by introducing myself:
Hi my name is Jessica
(hello Jessica)
and I'm not an alcoholic
sorry I truly am not an alcoholic.
I decided to start this blog after i saw the best job in the world and you had to be a blogger so I decided I wouldn't get it this round but maybe next time! So now I'm blogging. My teacher also suggested it. i don't know how good i'm going to be at this, i tend to run out of things to say after a while.... I like to laugh, I enjoy photography, I love animals and people. I named my blog the almost adult because thats what I am, almost an adult. I wonder if I can change it when I am an adult. My mom says that will never happen though. We'll see though, maybe I'll prove her wrong.
I like being original but am often lost in the crowd. I don't think I'm very exciting so I hope I don't bore you with my ramblings, but I guess if you don't like it you probably wont read it. I love laughing so I'm going to say lol ALOT. so sorry if that annoys you. I don't mean to. People say I'm funny and interesting but I don't usually mean to be, and then when I do mean to be no one laughs. but isn't that how it always works?!?!
I love music and i am random.

Its the year of the ox!!( for everyone who didn't know)
I was born in the year of the goat! (do with that what you will)

Thank you for reading my FIRST EVER BLOG!!
luv ya!!

My second first entry!

Well apparently my first first entry didn't publish... I can't figure it out. lol
Maybe I will someday but for now, what ever!
Yesterday I went to Siloam Mission in Winnipeg, its always A LOT of fun, but yesterday it was extra fun!
Yesterday Mandi came with and we laughed a lot. lol Especially on the way home.
We were with Shawn, Viktor (I think it was with a K, sorry if it isn't) and Cornie. Shawn was driving 120 the whole way home Cornie was being random and we were talking about the randomest stuff ever. We were talking about the word caressing and decided it sounded pretty so form now on instead of rub we're going to say caress. lol Shawn's example "I'm going to caress myself."
Mandi and I also started a club. We're the stress club, AKA team stress balls!! I think we're gonna have to work on that but for now it will do. Drew is also a part of our club! We have pictures.. I'll have to see if i can get Mandi to email them to me. Over all it was a good day yesterday. My favorite part of going to Siloam Mission is that EVERYONE, well almost everyone, says HI to you and asks you how your doing. Yesterday there was this guy standing beside me and Mandi and she was like
The man kept drinking his coffee.
So I said "hello" louder.
He still kept drinking.
So we laughed because he was standing right beside us and not paying any attention.
Me : " I know that is a really good cup of coffee"
and he said nothing, then some people came to put some plates in the garbage and he disappeared.
You meet A LOT of interesting people at Siloam and hear a lot of sad and interesting stories, and some that you could have done with out hearing. One time Verna and I listened to this guy telling us about when he got each bone in his body broken (not at the same time) when he was a carny, and he's still a carny. It was awkward and funny at the same time.