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Monday, January 26

My second first entry!

Well apparently my first first entry didn't publish... I can't figure it out. lol
Maybe I will someday but for now, what ever!
Yesterday I went to Siloam Mission in Winnipeg, its always A LOT of fun, but yesterday it was extra fun!
Yesterday Mandi came with and we laughed a lot. lol Especially on the way home.
We were with Shawn, Viktor (I think it was with a K, sorry if it isn't) and Cornie. Shawn was driving 120 the whole way home Cornie was being random and we were talking about the randomest stuff ever. We were talking about the word caressing and decided it sounded pretty so form now on instead of rub we're going to say caress. lol Shawn's example "I'm going to caress myself."
Mandi and I also started a club. We're the stress club, AKA team stress balls!! I think we're gonna have to work on that but for now it will do. Drew is also a part of our club! We have pictures.. I'll have to see if i can get Mandi to email them to me. Over all it was a good day yesterday. My favorite part of going to Siloam Mission is that EVERYONE, well almost everyone, says HI to you and asks you how your doing. Yesterday there was this guy standing beside me and Mandi and she was like
The man kept drinking his coffee.
So I said "hello" louder.
He still kept drinking.
So we laughed because he was standing right beside us and not paying any attention.
Me : " I know that is a really good cup of coffee"
and he said nothing, then some people came to put some plates in the garbage and he disappeared.
You meet A LOT of interesting people at Siloam and hear a lot of sad and interesting stories, and some that you could have done with out hearing. One time Verna and I listened to this guy telling us about when he got each bone in his body broken (not at the same time) when he was a carny, and he's still a carny. It was awkward and funny at the same time.

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  1. ooo that was really the best day ever. lol. on the way home corney was like "RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU LOVE GOD!!!" he was totally drunk. and of course we love God it's just kind of awkward raising your hand. lol. and he was like "THATS WHY I GO TO VICTORY CHURCH, BECAUSE THEY DONT JUDGE YOU IF YOU DRINK, MY OLD CHURCH WOULD TURN THERE BACKS ON YOU IF YOU HAD JUST ONE DRINK BUT NO, VICTORY DOESNT JUDGE" it was great. i had fun. lol. YAY FOR TEAM STRESS BALLS!!! AND YAY FOR THAT MAN THAT DIDNT TALK AND DISAPPEARED!!! cheers to him! lol. Jess we have to go again next month. it was crazy crazy awesome. You make me happy!


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