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Monday, January 26

My first entry!!

Hello to everyone who will read this..... and to everyone that doesn't... your probably not missing much.
I guess I'll just start by introducing myself:
Hi my name is Jessica
(hello Jessica)
and I'm not an alcoholic
sorry I truly am not an alcoholic.
I decided to start this blog after i saw the best job in the world and you had to be a blogger so I decided I wouldn't get it this round but maybe next time! So now I'm blogging. My teacher also suggested it. i don't know how good i'm going to be at this, i tend to run out of things to say after a while.... I like to laugh, I enjoy photography, I love animals and people. I named my blog the almost adult because thats what I am, almost an adult. I wonder if I can change it when I am an adult. My mom says that will never happen though. We'll see though, maybe I'll prove her wrong.
I like being original but am often lost in the crowd. I don't think I'm very exciting so I hope I don't bore you with my ramblings, but I guess if you don't like it you probably wont read it. I love laughing so I'm going to say lol ALOT. so sorry if that annoys you. I don't mean to. People say I'm funny and interesting but I don't usually mean to be, and then when I do mean to be no one laughs. but isn't that how it always works?!?!
I love music and i am random.

Its the year of the ox!!( for everyone who didn't know)
I was born in the year of the goat! (do with that what you will)

Thank you for reading my FIRST EVER BLOG!!
luv ya!!


  1. hi welcome to the world of i am also doing blog with the help of my teacher my blog is . this blog is all ablut the wedding traditions in different countries you follow me thanks for it

  2. wow i totally dont understand anything that fakhra tabassum said. lol. But i wonder what year i was born in. lol. I hope i was born in the year of the monkeys. cause i like monkeys, or turtles. turtles are fun =) you really are random and you do ramble. lol. but thats what i love about you. JESS ROCKS!!!!


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