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Tuesday, May 19


Today is tuesday for all you who didn't know that. It feels like it should be friday, I wish it was. Maybe I don't lol I don't know, this week wont be a very hard/ busy week but still... This morning when I was eating breakfast my mom came to me and was like,
"Jess I will be at school at 3 o'clock so be ready!"
"Ready for what?" I replied, clearly confused, partly due to the fact that it was 8 in the morning and also because I had no idea what she was saying or why she wanted to pick me up. She just stared at me probably thinking LORD help this poor child, because clearly I was loosing it. lol Not my fault I don't look at the calender! Anywho, so she tells me I have an optometrist appointment so we are leaving at 3 SHARP. lol

I LOVE the optometrist they have such interesting things to read on their walls! They even have a slide show about your eyes and how they focus light inside for you to watch while you wait and its cool. They show you what happens in your eye if your far sited, if your near sited, if you have an astigmatism, which I do have so... INTERESTING! I think that would be an easy job and it would be super fun! I love looking at peoples eyes... so pretty.

That's the first thing I look at/ notice when I meet someone their eyes and their teeth! lol That sounds kind of weird but its true. Its probably because I make eye contact when I talk to people. I hate it when people don't look at you when they talk to you. Its very annoying!

Now on to a slightly more exciting topic, I know its hard to beat the optometrist, but here we go! ROBERT PATTINSON! Mmm... sigh... LOL ok. So hes hot, hes famous, he acts and get this, HE SINGS. lol He says he is book for like the next year because he is composing music for a movie and hes making New Moon ( the second movie in the twilight series). He has some other movies out too How to Be and Little Ashes.

How to be is an indie film made in the UK. Its comedy and looks like it would be a GREAT movie. Its about a guy (Robert) who wants to be a musician but it isn't working to well for him, so he hires an author of a self help book to come and help him get his life together. The previews look really good!
lol I think I'm in a quarter life crisis. Wait how long does that mean I'll live... 68... only... hum that's to short lol ok I'm having a pre-quarter life crisis lol. ( I don't know what to do with my life after I graduate). Then there is the movie Little Ashes. Here he is an artist, Salvador Dali, and there is something about a war and I don't quite know whats going on but I think he's gay and... I don't quite know. I showed my art teacher this preveiw and she was like "Salvador Dali!!" and so she wants to see it because he was like a famous artist or something, but I don't really know (the only reason I'd want to see this movie is because of Robert Pattinson). HAPPY TUESDAY!!