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Monday, June 15


So once again the scavenger hunt has become a vocabulary challenge for me. Thia weeks word quixotic (that's a good speed scrabble word if I remember it!)chosen by NoRegrets. Thank you for once again expanding my views on words. AAAAAAAAAAny who I'm not going to lie when I saw that word I almost cried, what kind of crazy insane difficult word is that, who knows words like that. If I ever get to pick a word I'm going to randomly draw a card out of balderdash and put my finger on one of the words and as long as its not something boring meaning that's the word I'm going to pick! That's a fun game! So I went and consulted my handy dandy dictionary and here is what it told me " Quixotic means excessively romantic: tending to take a romanticized view of life, impractical: motivated by an idealism that overlooks practical considerations, impulsive: tending to act on impulses" and my other definition was, like Don Quixote; romantic to extravagance; absurdly chivalric; apt to be deluded. I think I'm going to look for the novel that Don Quixote is in. I know EXACTLY what I want to do for this, if it turns out right this will be interesting if it doesn't work.... I don't know what I'll do. lol Do or die I guess!