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Tuesday, June 23


So graduation is soon and guess who got the privilege of making the program cover... that's right yours truly(me)! I'll put a copy up here:

I can't wait until friday the closer it gets the more exciting it is! I got grad presents too!
From my parents I got : plates, cups, cutlery, and a microwave. Thank you for trying to tell me to move out nicely = P
From my aunts uncles and Grandma and Grandpa (the Weibe side) I got a 3 piece luggage set (its SUPER nice)and my grandma knit me a blanket too, I love you guys... I don't know if I'll get anything from the other side but we'll see... we haven't had a grad party for that side and I don't know if we will. They aren't into parties and presents and stuff. I love you too though! From Co-op I got $100 nice bonus Thanks. ( It pays my straightener lol) I still haven't decided what to get myself, I think a trip to Edmonton at Christmas would be a nice gift... but we'll see, don't give away the surprise though I want to be AMAZED! lol I love west Edmonton mall its awesome! Leticia, Ashley and I want to go there for a week over Christmas break and go swimming and to the theme park and stay at a hotel and since I'll be 18 I can get a hotel room with out my parents!! YAY! lol That's part of the reason we are waiting until Christmas! I can't wait! I hope we do actually go though and that this isn't just a dead plan to get us through half a year...= )


  1. It's an exciting time when you graduate. Congratulations and good job on the cover artwork.

  2. thank you!
    I'm Just waiting to see how it will look printed! Its all ready been printed like as I'm writing this but I will probably only get to see it tomorrow... Friesens is quick though!

  3. The program cover looks great! Congratulations Jessie, for such beautiful work and for graduating! You have everything to look forward to...including that trip to Edmonton. I bet you'll make it happen.


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