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Monday, June 22


Now for the explanation, I'm sorry if you don't get it, one of the definitions for quixotic was impulsive: tending to act on impulses, and who is more impulsive then children? (other then me) So I went out and got flowers and let Taran and Carlin play with them to see what they'd do... and then they ran into their moms garden and started picking flowers out of there and giving them to me... and blades of grass and sticks, lol they'll give me anything as long as I smile and say thank you to what ever they gave me last. SO CUTE! Then I set them up at the door and gave them to my mother because I love her. OOOOH and a warning, don't let your children run in stores, card racks lurk everywhere waiting to spring out at you at any given moment( that's why Carlin has a gash on his forehead, he was still my happiest child that day!) Anywho sorry its late.


  1. That is perfect, Jessie! There is nothing more quixotic than children. I hope the evil card rack was punished. This is another fun game...spanking naughty objects that hurt little guys. Really, really cute and funny post :-)

  2. I like it, it's a good take on the word. The scavenger hunt is based on how each person sees the word. Good job.


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