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Saturday, July 18


so I haven't done this in a while.
Now I may have appeared to drop off the edge off the world for a while... I hadn't = (
lol I was busy! working babysitting working working no time for fun.
lol actually a little time for fun but not much.
AAAAAAAAAANYWHO, this looks very un-formal... kinda like my life right now. Grad was awesome now i need to work and do stuff lame i know but someone has to!
Through my rollercoaster of obsessions there are 2 that are a constant... my music and my pictures... so here we go:

first my ipod

With 1763 songs
and 59 videos on it its a must have when going anywhere!
I have everything from Mozart to Madonna, Faith Hill to... i don't know
I have every kind of music on there though!

and I don't have a picture of my camera so I'll show you pictures that I've recently taken with it!

listening to my ipod lol you can see the haedphones


  1. Good to see you and your excellent photos :-) Have you been to the zoo recently? I love all those animal shots. And the black and white or sort of sepia toned one of the little guy you take care of is beautiful.
    Thanks for playing! Next week's word is SUMMER :-)

  2. Welcome back! All fine examples of OBSESSIONS. I currently have a 16GB Nano with over 4000 songs (from Neil Diamond to Cradle of Filth), but no videos (I did have Family Guy-Blue Harvest on it, but it took too much music space).

    Thanks for returning to the Scavenger Hunt.

  3. yes I've been to the zoo lately
    lol I love the zoo
    I got a new camera that I love and never go ANYWHERE with out
    you never know when you're going to find a perfect picture, or when its going to find you =D


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