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Saturday, April 18


I'm going to keep this short and sweet.
I miss my FRESH fruit off my trees! ( and I can't wait until they grow again!)
Anywho.. I know the second picture of the choke cherries is blurry... sorry
I got to go act in the play now though so I am in a hurry...
I can't even remember if the word is FRESH but I think it is...


  1. I'm a fan of slightly blurred pictures. Hey, any interest in picking next week's word? Let me know at my blog Thanks!!!

  2. Jessica: Just pick a word. It is entirely up to you. You can post it on your blog or post it in comments on mine and we will all take and gather pictures this week! get to tag someone for the following week! It can be someone already playing...or if you know of someone else who'd be into it feel free to include them. You might want to check Alien's blog to see what words have been used and to get some links to people playing, if you want: AlienCG.

  3. I really like the first one...


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