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Monday, April 20


SO today is Monday and I need to figure out what I'm going to do today. There is youth and Special Olympics. Now my friend has been asking me to come volunteer at Special O for ... 2 maybe 3 weeks and I haven't gone to Youth since... December, that is 3 and a half months (I think)but that doesn't matter. I really love Special O and I really miss youth. So what should I pick, now that dramas gone I got issues... lol so much free time so little to do. I think I need another new hobby or two... but I don't know what to do... what I could do... Maybe I'll take up running. lol "Fun" and "useful" lol I know my dog would LOVE it... I don't think I would, though I should. lol. I all ready read... maybe I should just read... that gets not fun fast though. I read a couple books super fast then can't read for a while. I need something that wont bore me after a month of doing it. I should REALLY try to learn a new language I've tried it before and I was doing good, then I just stopped trying and... well I think most people know how that ends. lol No new language for me. =( Its so hard if you don't have someone to speak it with or to encourage you to use your new found skill. I love Spanish, the language of LoooooVE. lol Well, what other hobbies could I have... maybe I'll start with the language and then add on as I get good, but I really should get a job... I have an interview... that's kind of exciting lets just hope I get it! Then I'd be a cashier... yay! Then me and Ashley can be rivals! lol Anyway... I need to make up my mind and decide what I'm going to do! =) Buenos nochos ... lol dias that means day right?? lol good night and day?? lol I did say I needed to brush up on my Spanish... lol or relearn it.

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