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Monday, April 27


First I'll write my rant then I'll put the pics in kind of in the order I mention them.

People express themselves in many way (Leticia said your eyebrows are an important part of your expressions) I personally you my BIG mouth to express myself... not always a good thing but that's what I do... but you can use almost anything music, dance, art, notes and even your clothing to express the way you think or feel.

my big mouth

My brother Eric doing a little jig before the bus comes (joyful probably)

(I didn't take this picture or make this but I like it and 3/4 isn't bad)

And this is Leticia, my "model" sister. lol showing off her fashion styling, thats how she expresses herself, with her clothes. ( Ashley doesn't really express herself so she is not featured in this blog)


  1. Ha, I like that version of "Roses are red.."! Wow, you've got quite an awesome selection of expression!

    Who are you going to tag for next week's word?

  2. I asked K_Srasra to pick the new word....

  3. Very good examples of expressions. I tend to have a big mouth myself, I guess it's a character trait.

  4. Way to express yourself! Sometimes I like adding things I didn't take or make, but like too :-)


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