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Thursday, May 7


So I haven't blogged in a while. I guess I've been a little busy, but nothing has happened. Lets see, I got a job at Co-Op as a cashier YAY! now my mom will stop bugging me lol and I'll get more then $5 an hour like i did for babysitting. Actually most times she gave me more any way... My beloved iPod drowned and so now its not working and that makes me want to cry... I always listen to my iPod... if you look at all the pictures I take of my self I'll be listening to my iPod probably 70% of the time. So this loss hit hard... I'm hoping it works when it drys out... you never know... I guess I'll keep you posted... I didn't do the scavenger hunt word UP. I did think about it though. There are SO many ways to use the word UP I didn't know how to choose what angle to go from. This weeks word is Chicken lol I wish I would have known that one day sooner... I would have taken a picture of supper yesterday... mmmmmmmmmmmm Chicken!! lol We buy Hutterite chicken its the best... lol they make good cheese too Mmm ;) lol Anyway that's it for now!

I got a job
I broke my iPod
I need to take a picture of chicken
I summed my whole blog today into 3 lines!
(They probably would have fit on one though)

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  1. Well...congrats on the job, sorry about the iPod, and will await chicken pictures :-)


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