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Tuesday, May 26


I was thinking about the word grow for the scavenger hunt.
When I was pondering this word I thought of 2 things:
how nicely the flowers have grown through the frost and flooding
and how my cats have grown up and grown old.
So my pictures for May 23 are of:
the flowers beside my house
Theo on one of the first days we got him
and Tom and Theo last fall (before the never ending snow we were cursed with!)

They look so grown up and I can't believe flowers can grow in Manitoba this year... our rhubarb is also ginormous! I don't really like rhubarb though... its good in cake and jam but. yuck!


  1. Perfect pictures for 'grow'! Those flowers are beautiful, but your kitties! I love them :-)

  2. thank you
    We're putting my older cat down though because his breathing is very bad, and when we put him down we're giving Theo away because he'll be to lonley and my mother is tired of him killing birds. lol
    Bells don't help!

  3. Aw, sorry about your cats. My cat likes to hunt too and even though I know he can't help it I HATE it. So gross.

  4. lol
    It doesn't bother me. My mom just doesn't. I think if I was moving out soon and I knew I'd be able to have pets I'd tell them to keep him for me, but story is currently being written and there is no sertine ending I can't. I'm glad we're putting my old cat down though, it hurts me to watch him breath.

  5. Very good pictures. The cats are cute and my flowers in front survived pretty well through the frost in Cleveland.

    My laptop was out getting fixed, but it's all better now.


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