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Friday, June 12


My Family loves to play games!
Our favorite games are card or dice games that you can play quickly or with out taking turns. LOL. Leticia, Eric, and I like playing strategy games like clue, golf, and battleship. Our whole family likes to play speed scrabble, we also like games like Taboo and scatagories.

I like taking the boys:

and we go to the park and play!


  1. Your family sounds so fun...and you have so many games! Very cool. And those little boys are extremely cute. I can see why you'd like taking them to the park to play :-) Great job on play!!!

  2. So many games, so little time. Great pictures, Jessika. Thanks for PLAYing the Scavenger Hunt.

  3. thank you to both of you and my family is pretty fun... i like it
    lol I have babysat thoughs boys for over a year


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