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Tuesday, June 2

why do i need a title?

I'm running out of Titles, if that is even possible. Its because I really have no topics to talk about... yesterday was my last youth ever. I still don't know how I feel. Right now everything is so.... surreal. Like this can't be happening, the world as I currently know it is coming to an end, soon I will be an adult. My parents aren't helping either, not telling me important things , and they keep stressing all the expenses that I will have when I turn 18! Rent, Groceries, Bills, Car payments, Gas, clothes(which I buy now anyway), put away money for school, buying my DSLR(which I desperately need so I can start a portfolio so I can go to school). So much stuff to think about, I'll be off my dads health plan... so I have to pay my own dentist and optometrist and meds.I'm really not looking forward to it! I can't wait to Graduate but right when I do the pressures of the world will crash onto me... I think I'm gonna cry at grad. DEFINITELY!

Last weeks word was rambunctious, and I had NO IDEA what/ who to feature. most of my family and pets are loud, annoying, and/or hard to control (including me). So I had a hard time, and in the end I decided I'll wait until next week. we'll see if I can do better. Though I am PRETTY sure I can do better then nothing so it shouldn't be to hard!

May 31 my aunt had a bouncing baby boy named Rustle Elijah, lol his next youngest sibling is... 11 I think, poor kid. She's planing on having another one though so he isn't lonely. I don't think he will be lonely anyway. He will be my cousin Tiffanys baby and she wont leave him alone for a second. She's 15(almost 16) and she's wanted 21 children since.... for as long as I can remember. She'd always list them names she wanted for them but I would zone out so... that never got very far. It wasn't my fault though! 21 Children with 3 names each!! That's 63 names to listen to!! (I didn't even use a calculator for that one! lol) CONGRATS AUNTY LISA, I love you, and am glad everything went smoothly.

I got my calculus mark today.... not the final mark, I hope its higher then that, but right now I'm at 89%. That's just because of the HORRIBLE mark I got on my last test. 34/48... =( stupid sandwich theorem! I got home and I was like OOOOO YEAH the sandwich theorem! Thats where the final number has to be between the 2 limits! like 1<5,>

Fire drill!

So I'm in school right now and we JUST had a fire drill! the whole school had to go out side and ... oooo its pointless. This was probably my last fire drill ever =( awe! lol and YES!!! MY LAST FIRE DRILL EVER!!lol Well thats it for today!


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