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Monday, March 9


The Saturday word of the week for march 7th was change. I think that was a good word choice for the time of year as winter changes into summer we are caught in the beginning of spring. so on Saturday I took note of all the change going on around me.

Snow changes to water, which changes to ice in the night... ice sucks, but that's besides the point! so that is a puddle in ice that has snow around it!

People changed the way they think about me... ( I know I would have if I saw me taking pics of myself while walking down the street. lol It was SUPER fun though!)



To night!

I found some change in my room.

Some things hardly change at all.

Change is all around us... we can't stop it... for better or worse it has to come. We just take it one day at a time and we'll be fine... I hope you enjoyed the pics and my views on/of change.


  1. Thank you for joining in the Scavenger Hunt. Oddly enough, I notice quite a few American coins in the picture of change. I also do not notice any loonies or toonies (I've been to Canada enough to know). I like the twilight picture, very nice indeed.

  2. The word for this coming Saturday is TREAT.


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