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Thursday, May 14


This weeks word is AWESOME... well its not AWESOME its fish but that is AWESOME!

Fish are beautiful things... that taste disgusting unlike last weeks word, anyway it is perfect! Nothing dead this week... my fish are full of life! I LOVE the Zoo, and these pictures are from last years annual fathers day trip to the zoo! We've gone every year on Fathers day since.. like 7 or 8 years ago. I ALWAYS push to go because I love the zoo. All the animals and family bonding and the animals and the.... i don't know lol I just love the zoo! If that makes me a loser or immature so be it lol because I all ready knew I was! Any way here are my fish pictures from the Winnipeg Zoo. Those are real turtles and I even got some of the cast of Finding Nemo Nemo is hiding behind some coral reef plant stuff... I think it the enneminy or the plant he lives in.

I looked through all my zoo pictures and I miss the Zoo. =(
Anywho Enjoy! (remember to go to the zoo its AMAZING)

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  1. Those are beautiful fish....the fish in my post are dead and on my plate :(


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