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Wednesday, May 13


Yesterday was my first day working... yay = ( lol. It went great, I already have some of the pluc numbers memorized! ( the numbers for the fruits and vegetables that you can't scan) Bananas are 4011 Kiwis are 4033 or 4053 bulk carrots are 1112 cut celery stalks are 1111 and .... I know some more but thats not very intresting. I helped some customers yesterday too! There are SOOOO many things to remember lol and I have to pack the bags too, WHILE I'm trying to remember to smile and not press the button to more the belt thingy with my leg and not to double scan and.... ask for the Co-op number and ... its CRAZY intense! lol I have another training day today and then I have an eight hour day by my self ( with someone ALWAYS at my till) on Saturday. SCARRY lol not really I think I'll do just fine...

MY IPOD WORKS AGAIN!! lol that was the bright spot of my whole week! I don't know if its because I put it in the freezer but its on again! lol (make sure its off if you're going to put it in the freezer)

Well thats it I guess! People should comment telling me if they get their milk put in a bag, because we have to ask and .... I don't see why people would want their milk in a bag ... maybe it doesn't really matter though

Here is a GREAT song/ video from Taylor Swift

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