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Saturday, August 29


So lots has happened lately... I got a knew job, I got a cell phone, I've become a txtaholic and.... I'm MOVING OUT!! lol so my life and my room are both kind of in a disarray lol
Packing is ALOT of work and its just my stuff I can't even imagen moving a whole family!. I'm moving to Winkler with my friend we got a nice little appt thingy its got a washer and dryer and a dish washer oven stove and fridge they are newer apartments. I think its going to be LOTS of fun... I haven't typed in a while lol just txted... lol I forgot how fun typing is, but txting is awesome! Summers almost over and kids are going back to school and its kinda sinking in now that I wont be and its kind of sad actually but its a good thing I'm glad its over. I hope everyones summer was AMAZING mine was kinda cold and rainy but it was over all pretty good!

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  1. Congratulations on your big move, Jessie! I hope you and your friend / roommate get along really well :-)
    Texting is pretty awesome...even older people like me like it!


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